Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You are the unmoving one

One day Bhagavan said,
'Your mind seems to be yearning for meditation'.
'What use is it?' I said, 'Here it is only kitchen work'.
He advised,
'Let the hands and legs do the job. You are not the hands or the legs. You are the unmoving one.
Problems will be endless as long as one is not aware of this. If you identify yourself with the body, you are bound to dualities. Work would appear difficult. Even if we free ourselves will the mind cease to wander? It does not let us even sleep in peace. It keeps wandering as in dreams.'

-- Subbalakshmi Amma
Subbalakshmiamma, a kitchen worker, had her first darshan of Bhagavan when He was in Virupaksha Cave. She spent many years near the ashram after Bhagavan's Mahanirvana, and passed away in June 1974 (UY, p85).