Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hold onto the "I-feeling" as much as possible. A time will come when the I-feeling or awareness will start happening automatically without effort. After that the focus is on being, not doing. If "I-feeling" is not clear, just remain silent in the present moment, in the Now. Recognition of "I-feeling" will happen sooner or later.

The I-Feeling may also be referred to as the simple awareness of being, or awareness of "you" (that is already there).


The only effective meditation for liberation is the Direct Path of Self-enquiry (excerpt). All other meditations (deekshas, satsangs, initiations, rituals, programs, etc) are merely detours and/or excuses by the ego to perpetuate itself.
The thought that "I am not ready for SE and should try an easier path first" is caused by a lack of intensity in one's longing for liberation.
As long as the intensity is not there, the ego will manufacture excuses for NOT doing self-enquiry.
As long as one can find joy in the momentary pleasures and distractions of the material world the longing for liberation will never be strong. Realising the temporariness of all material pleasures and attachments, and the pain they consequently bring can increase your longing. Complete faith in the words of the sadguru could also bring about a longing for liberation.

A true and earnest longing for liberation will remove all obstacles from your path, as all obstacles are created or imagined only by the false self that wants to survive and control us.

1) Ramana Maharshi's Self-Enquiry is available in a small question and answer format amounting to a few pages. Click Who Am I (90KB pdf)

Added on 2008-06-09. Source - Michael Langford:

If the “I Am” is this present awareness, just the awareness that is now looking at this room, then paying attention to the "I Am" is just:

My awareness watching my awareness!
This was a revelation!
Instead of having some vague practice where one is told to pay attention to the feeling "I Am", without ever being sure exactly what the “I Am” is and feels like, here was an absolutely clear instruction:

My present awareness watching my present awareness.

Awareness watching awareness.

Sri Nisargadatta had said, "Be aware of being aware."

Sri Ramana had spoken of "clinging to oneself", being aware of oneself (BAYA-DG) ... being aware of the first person (Sri Sadhu Om).

From a recent comment by David Godman on his blog.
Sadhu Om always maintained that 'mere attention to the feeling "I"' was the correct and only way to do enquiry. Although Bhagavan himself, in his written works and spoken comments, asked devotees to ask themselves 'Who am I?', Sadhu Om rarely emphasized this point.