Saturday, February 10, 2007

Outwitting Destiny

2. "I have no peace of mind. Something prevents it — probably my destiny."

Bhagavan answers: "What is destiny? There is no destiny. Surrender and all will be well. Throw all the responsibility on God. Do not bear the burden yourself. What can destiny do to you then?"
Talk 244

By "there is no destiny" Bhagavan does not mean that there is no prarabdha: we are all agreed that there is, but his meaning is that once we surrender genuinely and truly, prarabdha will pass us by unnoticed: it will work itself out while our mind is immersed in its thought of God. After all destiny is as insentient as the body and thus has no power over the mind unless the mind has fallen an abject prey to its own thoughts and emotions, like that of the common man.

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