Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meditating on the "I" is the direct path

 "The mind is destroyed only when it turns towards the first person!"

-- Sadhu Om, p111 The Path of Sri Ramana - Part One

 Cease all talk of `I' and search with inward diving
  mind whence the thought of `I' springs up. This is the way of
 wisdom. To think, instead, `I am not this, but That I am,' is
 helpful in the search, but it is not the search itself.

-- Reality in Forty Verses, v 29

All other forms of meditation (such as 'I am Brahman'), are not Self-enquiry and will not destroy the mind.

From Collected Works, Atma Satshatkara (a translation by Sri Bhagavan, from the Agamas)

1.     Guha! I shall tell you about a different way
To reach that Reality which pervades partless in all,
Too subtle, though, to be grasped (by the mind).

He who, everywhere, abides ever in the Self,
Shall see, in all things, in all bodies,
Only that Siva-self -- of this, there is no doubt.

24. To the Jiva drowning in the vast ocean of the birth-death cycle,
and seeking refuge,
What affords refuge is only that knowledge of the Self
Not anything else -- know this.

Ulladu Narpadu:
Atma Satshatkara: