Sunday, February 18, 2007

How is one to know the Self

D.: How is one to know the Self?

Maharshi: "Knowing the Self" means "Being the Self". Can you say that you do not know the Self?
Though you cannot see your own eyes and though not provided with a mirror to look in, do you deny the existence of your eyes? Similarly, you are aware of the Self even though the Self is not objectified. Or, do you deny your Self because it is not objectified?
When you say "I cannot know the Self" it means absence in terms of relative knowledge, because you have been so accustomed to relative knowledge that you identify yourself with it.

Such wrong identity has forged the difficulty of not knowing the obvious Self because it cannot be objectified; and you ask. "How is one to know the Self?" Your difficulty is centred in "How"? Who is to know the Self? Can the body know it? Let the body answer. Who says that the body is perceived now?

In order to meet this kind of ignorance the sastras formulate the theory of God's leela or krida (i.e., play). God is said to emanate as the mind, the senses and the body and to play. Who are you to say that this play is a trouble to you? Who are you to question the doings of God?

20th February, 1937

Words of Bhagavan Ramana