Friday, February 16, 2007

Getting rid of Maya

D.: Can you help me to get rid of Maya ?
M.: What is Maya ?
D.: Attachment to the world.

M.: What is it then that raises the question of Maya [?] just now?
D.: The mind was not in sleep. The world and the attachment to it are of the mind.

M.: That is it. The world and the attachment to it are of the mind , not of the Self.

D.: But I do not understand.
M.: Because you are identifying the Self with the body. Give up the wrong identity and the Self is revealed.
D.: But this does not answer my question to help me to get rid of Maya
, i.e., attachment.

M.: This attachment is not found in sleep. It is perceived and felt now.
It is not your real nature. On whom is this accretion? If the Real Nature is known these exist not. If you realise the Self the possessions are not perceived. That is getting rid of Maya.
Maya is not objective, that it could be got rid of in any other way.

[Ed: The above conversation (sadly) shows how often aspirants were either not listening to what the Maharshi was saying, or were asking for what they actually did not want]

Words of Bhagavan Ramana