Monday, February 19, 2007

The Garland of Guru's sayings

53. Guru's Grace

Those on whom the guru's glance
Of grace has fallen are like the deer
Caught in a tiger's jaw. They are bound
To have their wretched ego slain
And know the one supreme Awareness.
They will never be forsaken.

56. Reverence to the Guru

After surrendering to the Guru
Body, mind and all belongings,
To still regard these as "I'' and "mine''
Is taking back a gift once given.
Strict avoidance of this sin
Is pure worship of the Master.

68. Freedom from Bondage

The separate self is but the mind
Drunk with and reeling under the notion
That it is bound. This very mind
When it stands steady, still, desiring
Nothing and proud of nothing
Becomes the Self supreme.

71. Awareness

Is it not because of you and yourself
Awareness that you now perceive
This universe? If you observe
Awareness steadily, this awareness
Itself as Guru will reveal
The Truth.

80. Self Surrender

"Give yourself to God'', they say.
But is it ours to give, not His already?
Now at least let us repent
The theft and at His lotus Feet
Restore what we had stolen.

84. Meekness

Beholding in all beings but the Self,
Meeker than all and even meeker
Than His humblest devotees,
By virtue of such meekness the Supreme
Achieves supremacy.

The gracious light of Self one sees not
When looking for it as an object.
But when one looks not, then it shines.

65. Pure Being

What our Master clearly teaches
By way of great, good, powerful tapas
Is only this and nothing more
Apart from this, the mind has no
Task to do or thought to think.

Taken from Guru Vachaka Kovai

Translated by Prof. K. Swaminathan from the Tamil original of Sri Muruganar