Thursday, February 22, 2007

Complete Surrender

My life with Bhagavan taught me the value of faith, obedience and surrender. When i obeyed Bhagavan's words, or had complete faith that he would look after all my spiritual and physical needs, everything went well. When I tried to mould my own destiny, things went badly. Life's lessons have thus taught me the value and the necessity of complete surrender.

If one surrenders completely to Bhagavan; if one lives completely by His words, ignoring all others; if one has enough faith in Bhagavan to stop making plans about the future; if one can banish all doubts and worries by having faith in Bhagavan's omnipotence -- then and only then, Bhagavan will bend and mould one's circumstances, transforming them in such a way that one's spiritual and physical needs are always satisfied.