Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bhakti - a celebration

Antarananda gives us this beautiful piece, coming straight from the heart, where the Beloved One is enshrined.

Beloved One
Beloved One, was there ever a time, when my heart did not feel glad in your joys, and sorrow in your pain?

Beloved One, was there ever a time when you were not I, and I you?

Beloved One, don't you know, that when dark clouds fill the sky of your mind, I wait in prayer, knowing that they shall soon burst open, and let flood the torrential rain that releases all pain?

And, don't you know, that the bright Sun waits to shine, to show your mind that light has removed all your illusions of darkness?

Beloved One, trust with your heart that you are eternally prayed for, that you are never forsaken, because wholeness is your very Being.

Please pause and read the poem again before proceeding. Let it penetrate slowly. Who really is the Beloved One? Who is the You and I that were never apart?

This is how this blogger believes bhakti should be -- a celebration of love and joy. The bhakta immersed in love for his/her beloved, loses himself in this love. Each cell of the bhakta's body is celebrating this love, each cell is in love, each cell rejoices, sings and dances in love of the Divine One.

Each moment of the bhakta's life is a celebration of this love, there are no shadows, no evening, no darkness. Unlike an ordinary lover, the Beloved One never leaves the bhakta. One suspects, even, that the Beloved One is responsible for this love, that the bhakta feels he is doing! The whole relationship naughtily engineered by the Beloved One, to bring the bhakta closer to Him.

I wish you all a Happy Sivaratri, and accept Antarananda's poem as a Sivaratri gift.