Saturday, June 24, 2006

God erupts, God flowers, God happens

God erupts, God flowers, God happens

Excerpted from Osho's The Great Nothing. The real religion starts the day one comes to understand that this mind is the root cause of separation. God i is herenow. It is already the case. You are not to achieve it and you are not to produce it; it has not to be manufactured. It is already the case... it has already happened. He is and He has always been, and He will always be.

Somehow we have got involved in dreams. That dream I call the world. And in that world we are all strangers and outsiders because our real home is somewhere else. But if you try it, in the beginning you will have to pass through a transitory period of tremendous hopelessness. You will miss your mind very much because that has been your whole life. For many lives that has been your whole occupation. You will miss it terribly. Those are the days of austerity. Those are the days of real sadhanai -- to accept it, to remain empty.

Even if it feels as if one is dropping into nothingness, one goes on dropping into that abyss. One makes no effort to come out of it, because that effort will mean bringing in the mind again. One simply goes on drowning in that emptiness. And one day when you are completely drowned, you will find that emptiness is not emptiness. It was just a wrong interpretation of the old mind. That nothingness was not nothingness.

That's what Buddha calls nirvana -- the great nothing. Tremendous is its beauty and immense is its grandeur... infinite is its benediction. But one has to prepare to go into that nothingness.

That's my message for you. Drop seeking. Drop searching. Drop mentation. Dropping mentation is meditation. And accept nothingness. Be nobody. And in that very nobodiness, something will sprout. Be nothing and in that very nothingness, God flowers.

All that we can do is to be nothing. Then the continuity happens on its own accord. What we are doing is just the opposite. We are trying to become somebody. And that becoming somebody is the cause of discontinuity. Only God is, so we cannot become somebody. If we are trying to become somebody, we are fighting with God. All ego is a fight against God, because only He can have the authentic 'I'. He is the centre of existence. All small 'i's' are just competitive -- competing with the ultimate 'I'.

So the moment you become nobody, the moment you are ready to become a nothing, suddenly God erupts in you; your continuity is there again. And then you laugh, a great humour arises, because then you see the whole ridiculousness. This is what you were searching for -- and it was because of the search that you were not getting it! The whole drama seems to be a great joke.