Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cover the mind

A thing well done

A thing done well, with love and devotion i, is its own reward. What happens to it later matters little, for it is out of our hands.

ananda – Tue, 27/06/2006 – 6:29am

Cover the mind

You must cover your vegetables when you cook them. Then only will they keep their flavour and be fit for food. It is the same with the mind. You must put a lid over it and let it simmer quietly. Then only does a man become food fit for God i to eat.

ananda – Tue, 27/06/2006 – 6:26am
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Dhyanapeetam has released a varadamoorthi (Lord of Boons) photograph on their website. A smaller, low res image is presented here.

Lord of Boons
Please go to http://www.dhyanapeetam.org/Varadamoorthi.asp for directions.

natana – Thu, 29/06/2006 – 6:22am