Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The fleeting "I", who is aware of it

The mind is incessantly looking not only for food for thought; it is looking for food for its identity, its sense of self. This is how the ego comes into existence and continuously re-creates itself.

When you think or speak about yourself, when you say, "I", what you usually refer to is "me and my story". This is the "I" of your likes and dislikes, fears and desires, the "I" that is never satisfied for long. It is a mind-made sense of who you are, conditioned by the past, and seeking to find its fulfillment in the future.

Can you see that this "I" is fleeting, a temporary formation, like a wave pattern on the surface of the water.

Who is it that sees this?

Who is it that is aware of the fleetingness of your physical and psychological form?

Cow Lakshmi Day - June 23, 2010