Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bringing sense back to Sri Ramana's teachings

Over the years, Bhagavan Ramana's simple path of "clinging to oneself", or being as you are, holding onto awareness/ the feeling of "I", etc, has been complicated by various authors. This simple path has seemingly been lost in translation.

It is heartening, therefore, that Michael Langford has once again put it in simple words for all, in a manner that cannot be missed or confused. In addition, he puts in several chapters to motivate the reader to remain in self-awareness.

The seeker who has never experienced "the Self", is often confused by instructions such as "abide in the Self", "cling to the Self" etc, now understands that it was the most simple fundamental awareness of oneself that was being spoken of, the awareness that wakes up in the morning, the awareness that is looking at the computer screen at this moment -- focusing on that awareness.

At any rate, let me not confuse the reader again -- it is best to read it directly from Mr. Langford himself.