Friday, December 29, 2006

Bhagavan Ramana always with us

As I leave for Beloved Arunachala in just a few minutes, I have these (hurried) words to say to the reader who stumbles by here.

The reminiscences of Bhagavan's fortunate devotees are constant reminders that Bhagavan Ramana is not only with us each moment when we live, but will also be us when we leave this body. You have only to read the reminiscences of Sri Natesa Iyer in Power of Presence 3, or Ramana Smriti to know what I mean.

There is really no need to be unhappy ever, or ever to fear 'death'. Happiness for the devotees of Bhagavan is here and now. When we recognize Ramana as our sadguru, that is truly the end of all our suffering (whether we are "realized" or not).

Ramana's presence is not some imagined feeling, some illusion of the desperate mind; the mind sunk in love and surrender to Prabhu Ramana feels His presence as tangibly as it feels anything else around it.

For those of us, for whom this life is but a continuation of a previous one lived in His love and devotion, for those of us whose mind and soul has completely identified with His bhakti, for us Lord Ramana is the only one present.
-  Offered at His Blessed Feet.