Sunday, November 05, 2006

The purpose of Creation

(Excerted from Be As You Are - The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, p264)
Q: What is the purpose of creation?

A: It is to give rise to this question. Investigate the answer to this
question, and finally abide in the supreme or rather the primal source
of all, the Self. The investigation will resolve itself into a quest for
the Self and it will cease only after the non-Self is sifted away and
the Self realized in its purity and glory.

There may be any number of theories of creation. All of them extend
outwardly. There will be no limit to them because time and space are
unlimited. They are however only in the mind. If you see the mind,
time and space are transcended and the Self is realized.
Creation is explained scientifically or logically to one's own
satisfaction. But is there any finality about it? Such explanations are
called krama-srishti [gradual creation]. On the other hand, drishti-
srishti [simultaneous creation] is yugapat-srishti. Without the seer
there are no objects seen. Find the seer and the creation is comprised
in him. Why look outward and go on explaining the phenomena
which are endless?