Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Faith in the Lord

Came across this example of faith in Direct Path - Ramana Gyaan (June 2006):

Lord Rama and His brother Lakshmana were to cross the river Ganga. They sought the services of a boatman. But the boatman declined to take them across, saying:

"O Lord, First let me wash your feet dustless. What indeed is the difference between a stone and my boat made of wood?
The story is now afoot that the touch
Of the dust of your feet
Transforms (the inert) into Humans.
Only after completely cleaning Your lotus feet
Shall i take you across, else
There is a real danger
Of my ferry becoming a  fair damsel
And then if that happens, O Lord
Know that it will cause mighty harm
To my family, my livelihood"

For another example, see the quote of Sadhu Om, in O My Beloved Lord