Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Feet of the Holy Guru

The Feet of the Holy Guru

The Feet of S'ri Rûpa Manjari

The lotus feet of Sri Rupa Manjari are my treasure,
they are my devotioni and service,
they are my wealth and the meaning of my life -
they are the life of my life.

They are the perfection of rasa, they are perfection worthy to attain
They are the very law of the Vedas for me.
of my vows and penances, they are the mantras of my praying.
They are the religion, my activities.
purified, following the rules, one will attain perfection
these two eyes thus may see
like moonlight his form in my heart, my heart shines in return.
not just at night, but all day.

Your absence from my vision, is like a dose of strong poison,
and I will suffer till the end of my life
"Please give me your mercy and the shade of your lotus feet."
that's what Narottama says.

Tune of song: Vaishnava Songs

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Who is Rupa Manjari:

In the northern part of Sri Lalita Sakhi's kunja lies Rupollasa Kunja, where the very beautiful and graceful Sri Rupa Manjari resides. She is the foremost among the gopis known as priya-narma-sakhis. Her complexion is the color of gorocana (a bright yellow pigment secreted from a cow's kidney), and she delights in wearing a dress the color of peacock feathers. Her age is 13 years 6 months. The panditas call her Rangana-malika. In age, she is one day younger than Lavanga Manjari.

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