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Sri Arunachala Pancharatna

श्री अरुणाचल पंचरत्न (Sri Arunachala Pancharatna)
by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
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भूमिका (Preface)
हृदयकुहरमध्ये केवलम् ब्रह्ममात्रम्
ह्यहमिति साक्षादात्मरूपेण भाति ।
हृदिविश मनसा स्वम् चिन्वता मज्जता वा,
पवनचलनरोघादात्मनिष्ठो भवत्वम् ।।

In the interior of the cavity of the Heart, the One Supreme Being is
ever glowing with the self-conscious emanation 'I,I'. To realize Him,
enter the Heart with one-pointed mind, by quest within, or diving
deep, or control of breath and abide with the Self of self.

करुणापूर्ण सुधाब्धे, कबलितधनविश्वरूप किरणावल्या ।
अरुणाचल परमात्मन्नरुणोभव चित्तकञ्जसुविकासाय ।। १

(1) Ocean of nectar, full of grace, engulfing in (an?) entire universe
by successive waves of light, O Arunachala, the Supreme Self! Be Thou
the Sun and open the lotus of my heart in Bliss.

त्वय्यरुणाचल सर्वम् भूत्वा स्थित्वा प्रलीनमेतच्चित्रम् ।
हृद्यहमित्यात्मतया, नृत्यसि भोस्ते वदन्ति हृदयं नाम ।। २
(2) O Arunachala! In Thee the picture of the world is formed and has
its stay, and is dissolved; this is the sublime Truth. Thou art the
Inner Self, Who dancest in the Heart as 'I'. Heart is Thy name, O

अहमिति कुत आयातीत्यन्विष्यान्तः प्रविष्टयाऽत्यमलधिया ।
अवगम्य स्वं रूपं, शाम्यत्यरुणाचल त्वयि नदीवाब्धौ ।। ३
(3) He who turns inwards with untroubled mind to search where the
consciousness of 'I' arises, realized the Self, and rests in Thee, O
Arunachala! as does a river when it joins the ocean.

त्यक्त्वा विषयं वाह्य, रूद्रप्राणेन रूद्रमनसान्तस्त्वाम् ।
ध्यायन्पश्यति योगी, दीधितिमरुणाचल त्वयि महियते ।। ४
(4) Abandoning the outer world, with mind and breath controlled, to
meditate on Thee within, the Yogi sees Thy Light, O Arunachala! and
finds his delight in Thee.

त्वयि अर्पित मनसा त्वां पश्यन् सर्वम् तवाकृतितया सततम् ।
भजतेऽनन्यप्रीत्या, स जयत्यरुणाचल त्वयि सुखे मग्नः ।। ५

(5) He who dedicates his mind in Thee, and seeing Thee always beholds
the universe as Thy forms, he who at all times glorifies Thee and
loves Thee as none other than the Self, he is the master without
rival, being one with Thee, O Arunachala! and lost in Thy Bliss.

(Please note: the book says "tyayyarpit", i assume it to be a mistake,
and the correct form to be "tvayyarpit". )

Source: Hymns to Sri Arunachala and Upadesha Saram.
Also see: Text version

The source book has several mistakes in Sanskrit and English, most of
which have carried over into <this soft-copy. If you notice errors,
please point them out so they may be rectified.