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Abide in your Guru

Know Yourself

You will have that peace and quietude only when you know yourself, when you have that intimate knowledge "you are." You know you are. How did it happen to be with what you are? Because of what are you? What is the cause of it? Find out all that.

Right here and now, drop your identity with the body and sit still. Just drop this body like a discarded garment; drop also the identity with the name. And now you tell me about yourself. Whatever you are is most appropriate — that greatest principle that you are, about which you cannot give any information. But you are.

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abide in your Guru

When a guru is really a jnani — that is, one who has realized himself — you should abide in him. When such a guru guides or directs a disciple, no spiritual technique is necessary. There was a time when Arjuna also was not doing any spiritual practice. All the armies were in the battle area, and the horses were ready to rush at the enemy. What time was available for Arjuna to practice? He just listened and accepted whatever Krishna told him, and that was all he needed to get realization. Arjuna reached the goal through his right attitude and because his guru, Krishna, was realized.

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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QA with Nisargadatta Maharaj

Q: You are aware of eternity, therefore you are not concerned with survival.

M: It is the other way round. Freedom from all desire is eternity. All attachment implies fear, for all things are transient. And fear makes one a slave. This freedom from attachment does not come with practice; it is natural, when one knows one's true being. Love does not cling; clinging is not love.

Q: So there is no way to gain detachment?

M: There is nothing to gain. Abandon all imaginings and know yourself as you are. Self knowledge is detachment. All craving is due to a sense of insufficiency. When you know that you lack nothing, that all there is, is you and yours, desire ceases.

Q: To know myself must I practise awareness?

M: There is nothing to practise. To know yourself, be yourself. To be yourself, stop imagining yourself to be this or that. Just be. Let your true nature emerge. Don't disturb your mind with seeking.

Q: It will take much time if I just wait for self realization.

M: What have you to wait for when it is already here and now? You have only to look and see. Look at your self, at your own being. You know that you are and you like it. Abandon all imagining, that is all. Do not rely on time. Time is death. Who waits -- dies. Life is now only. Do not talk to me about past and future they exist only in your mind.

I Am That, p248, Give up all and you gain all. See I Am That. Also see biography

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One, seen as many

That One alone, the Self of all Beings,
abides in all created things.
Although One..
It is seen as many,
like the moon in water.

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the highest truth

'The highest Truth... is realising that,
'there is neither destruction, nor production;
neither one who is bound by the fetters of existence,
nor one who has perfected release from them;
indeed, there is neither a seeker after Liberation,
nor one who is liberated.'

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Your mind is not you

Your mind is yours, it is not you. Let the mind suffer or experience. Don't suffer or experience with it.


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