Sunday, July 24, 2005

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Hold onto the "I-feeling" as much as possible. A time will come when the I-feeling or awareness will start happening automatically without effort. After that the focus is on being, not doing. If "I-feeling" is not clear, just remain silent in the present moment, in the Now. Recognition of "I-feeling" will happen sooner or later.

This page once had plenty of links to sites, books, masters etc.

Today, I cut out all that, for it will only delay your starting on this path.

"Who Am I?" (alt) or being in silent self-awareness, is the only way to realizing one's true nature. It is the simplest thing and cannot be described without confusing the reader and preventing him from being able to do it.

Once one makes a habit of being in mental silence (or reverting to it again and again), enquiry will happen. Our attention will automatically begin to turn to oneself. Which is all that has to be done till all questions are over, till all thoughts are over.

All attempts by various authors to explain SE have created concepts in our mind, these concepts come to mind when we try to be silent. We struggle with "I-I", "I-thought", "awareness of awareness", "consciousness of consciousness" etc.

All the above, although correct, prevented me from being able to _do_ SE, and that prompted me to read *more* books, and crowd my mind even further. After giving up the whole drama, and abandoning all activities in total disgust, finally (a long while later) one day, the mind or whatever, just began going into silence, and (looking back) I realized that SE was happening. As this silent self-awarenss grew and began taking over, I then looked at some material and confirmed that it was the correct thing.

I hope not to myself complicate the matter.

SE should be described in one sentence or one para and left at that. Only *trying* will bring about success, not more and more reading.

SE is NOT difficult, however, it has been misrepresented as being difficult by almost all people, many have never really committed themselves to it. And all of them are too attached to their personalities to successfully do any form of meditation, let alone SE.



I have removed all the gazillion links to scriptures and sites. However, I'd like to add that (I believe) Michael Langford has it correct. I endorse him - one or two have publicly mocked him on their websites and blogs, but he explains the direct path well, and does not complicate it as other authors/editors and compilers have done.

Believe nothing because a wise man said it;
Believe nothing because it is generally held;
Believe nothing because it is written;
Believe nothing because it is said to be divine;
Believe nothing because somebody else believes it;
Believe only what you yourself judge to be true
- Gautama Buddha
"Real Masters never charge for their services, nor do they accept payment
in any form or any sort of material benefits for their instructions.
This is a universal law among Masters, and yet it is an amazing fact that thousands of eager seekers in America and elsewhere, go on paying large sums of money for "spiritual instruction.".
Masters are always self-sustaining. They are never supported by their students or by public charity."
Above is someone's opinion to guide you along your long search, and here
are more details, be sure to read this.

There is also the "living versus non-living guru controversy". I think Ramana Maharshi put an end to that by saying:
They say that I am dying, but i am not going away. Where could i go? I am here.
See this for more of his "last" words. Krishna says the same thing to Arjuna in the gita.

Through thick and thin, remember these words:
One who has obtained the grace of the Guru would never be abandoned. He will undoubtedly be saved and never forsaken, just as the prey that has fallen into the tiger's jaw will never be allowed to escape.3


The author of this site, is/are not "realized", "advanced", "evolved" etc. We do not attempt to explain, (mis)interpret or analyse Bhagavan Ramana's teachings. We only point you to His teachings.

Please beware of instant and quick enlightenment and deeksha programs. Read this fully for an idea of how harmful such programs can be.