Sunday, July 24, 2005

Programs for Spiritual Seekers

The following is a collection of programs for seekers. I do not endorse them unless specified. They are just pointers for you to follow, you must do some checking up before attending.

Before attending a program, or joining a new guru, please enquire about what commitments are expected of people who join, commitments such as monetary or recruiting more people, etc. Find out how much charges are taken for each level of program, what is your total expenditure if you take all the programs - don't just ask for the first level, this could be misleading.

Sadly, I have had to remove all entries from this page. Most such programs are either useless, or downright harmful, being conducted by people who are not themselves liberated, or who think they are. Please read this link fully, to get an idea how dangerous these deekshas and programs can be: Dangers and side-effects of some programs.


“This is the Kali Yuga,

Even Rakshashas (demons) will incarnate as teachers to mislead you.

Those who must be destroyed by these demons will be.

Test the Guru by the teaching:

without inquiry there is no teaching.

Shun every teacher who does not teach inquiry.

Directly looking at your own face is the only teaching.

If the Guru says 'I am enlightened,'

it means the ego is enlightened so stay away.

Western teachers who say this are preachers so stay away

and only write books to load more garbage on seekers,

and more money in their pockets.

They will attract so many students,

but in Kali Yuga it is the falsehood which will draw the crowds.

The Truth and the true Gurus will be neglected.