Sunday, July 24, 2005

About this site

This site exists only to remind viewers of the teachings and life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Link this site on your Google Reader (or other RSS/Atom Reader) and be reminded of Bhagavan (almost) everyday.

Added 21/2/2008: The author of this blog does not know and is not affiliated with or promoting any gurus or teachers. This blog is about self-enquiry, self-awareness, and all posts are reminders to be in silent self-awareness at all times. Do not judge the messenger, hear the message.


Would you give away everything you have, everything, including mind, body and soul, for just one grain of sand that has touched the Maharshi's feet ?

Having seen the eyes and smile of the Maharshi the first time, has all desire, all fascination for what this world offers, all identification with your body and senses, has all this left you forever?

Is your life an everlasting prostration at the Maharshi's dear Feet, a never-ending drowning in His unending love, a drowning in His eyes and smile, a continuous kissing of His Feet ?

Does hearing the name Ramana, Annamalai or Arunachala send a wave of ecstacy through you ?

This site and Words, then, is for you, who love Sri Ramana Maharshi.

This site is a joyous celebration of His presence, a celebration of His Feet and His smile.

I hope your moments here are joyous.


I seek refuge at the sacred feet of the blessed Ramana, who performs the entire work of creation, preservation and destruction, while remaining wholly unattached, and who makes us aware of what is real and thus protects us, that I may set down his words fittingly. (See )