Sunday, December 30, 2007

Your most important objective

Your most important objective must be realizing the Self. If you have not done this, you will spend your time in ignorance and illusion.
You, your mind, this world - they are all maya. Don't become a slave of this maya. Instead, realize the Self, and let maya become your servant.
-- Final Talks, p.71.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Let go of the "I"

This is the teaching of Bhagavan Ramana, my Guru. I am passing it on to you.

You must understand who you are and what you are, and then you must remain as that. If you can manage this, this itself will suffice. Right now, you are under the impression that you are your body and your mind, but the truth is, you are the Self. Let go of the "I" that you imagine yourself to be, and catch hold of the real "I", the Self.
-- Final Talks, p.70.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silent being-awareness

Abandon all thoughts, not only of the world, but of yourself also. Stay beyond all thoughts, in silent being-awareness.

Absorption of Swami Ramanananda

Swami Ramananda, nephew of Sri Bhagavan, was absorbed into Bhagavan just after Bhagavan's 128th Jayanthi.

See more on Arunachala Ramana and official website.

A story on him was published on Jan 30th. Visitors to the Sri Ramanasramam will remember him as the person sitting in orange robes on the left side of the Samadhi Hall on a chair, next to the door leading to the Mother's shrine (during Veda Parayana). May he remain blissful in Bhagavan Ramana.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Verses on the Celebration of Bhagavan's Birthday

Composed by Bhagavan Ramana in 1912.

1. You who wish to celebrate a birthday, enquire first who was born. One's true birthday is when one enters into the Eternal Being which shines forever without birth or death.

2. Of all days, on one's birthday, one should mourn one's fall (into samsara). To celebrate it as a festival is like adorning and glorifying a corpse. To seek one's Self and merge in it, is wisdom.

See The birth of our Beloved Lord.

Bhagavan Ramana's 128th Jayanthi

Better than viewing Him as Other,
Indeed the noblest attitude of all,
Is to hold Him as the 'I' within,
The very 'I'.

Abidance in pure being
Transcending thought through love intense
Is the very essence
Of supreme devotion.

-- From "The Essence of Instruction" (Upadesha Saram)
(Taken from Collected Works of Sri Ramana Maharshi)

We would like to wish our readers a Happy Bhagavan Jayanthi on this glorious day, when our beloved Father Ramana Bhagavan was "born" 128 years ago.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Arunachala Ramana

Arunachala is Ramana in the form of a hill, and Ramana is Arunachala in human form.

Though Bhagavan Ramana has left his human form, he will always remain shining here in the form of Arunachala, giving guidance and solace to his devotees. Therefore, the power of Arunachala is the power of Ramana - the power of the Sadguru's grace.

See Arunachala Ramana.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bhagavan on Self-enquiry

This site Arunachala Ramana has an excellent post on Self-enquiry. An excerpt:

[Self-enquiry] is nothing to do with being aware of the contents of the mind. It's a very specific method that aims to find out where the individual sense of "I" arises. Self-enquiry is an active investigation, not a passive witnessing.


In that latter place you begin to experience the peace and stillness of the Self, and that gives you the incentive to continue.

Full article