Thursday, April 26, 2007

Casual search for enlightenment

This blog prefers not to print any views of the author. However, questions often are raised about various paths and persons who mislead naive seekers.
There are several ways this question can be answered. One of them is the "casual seeker". Today one sees gurus who on one hand describe the liberated state in a manner that is extremely attractive even to the average person sunk in/captivated by maya. This description is totally different from the simple "deep sleep with awareness" or "no worlds" description of Sri Ramana.
These attractive gurus and their attractive packages seems to be (IMO) creating and/or attracting the "casual seeker". The unliberated guru dilutes the pure teachings and attracts the casual seeker. The casual seeker runs from guru to guru, never finding what was promised.
Whether this phenomenon is to be condemned, or whether it actually hastens the progress of those who are "bewildered by maya" (as the scriptures so picturesquely put it) is not clear to this blogger.

If the desire for liberation is accompanied by efforts for achieving the purpose, if the aspirant can recognize and discard the pleasures and other impediments to progress, if there is a growing indifference to material and other attainments, then it can be said that dispassion is strong and abiding results will follow.
Or to put it simply, if the prime and overriding priority is liberation, and consequently one's sadhana, then the desire for liberation is true and strong. Somewhere i recall reading that hurdles to one's practice are indicative of a lack of total commitment in the seeker. Hurdles are truly attachments by another name.

Symptoms of the casual seeker are: wanting liberation along with other pleasures, wanting liberation without effort or for a fee, wanting the guru to put in the effort, and being attracted to guru's who promise the above.

This post was triggered by some links I was mailed by readers such as Careless Seeking for enlightenment and The battle for your mind and comments.