Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Maha-mrityunjaya Mantra

I am listening to the wonderful Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra released by Times Music in India. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment and is a practice of purifying the karmas of the soul at a deep level.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urva rukam iva Bandhanaat
Mrityor Mukshiya Ma mritat

Om , we worship Lord Shiva (the three eyed one)
who is full of fragrance and who nourishes al beings.
May he liberate me from death, for the sake of immortality,
just as the ripe cucumber is severed from bondage (of the creeper).

For more please see http://www.swamij.com/mahamrityunjaya.htm

natana – Tue, 26/09/2006 – 7:26am

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