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Realized Masters

Realized Masters

Following is a list of some enlightened/realized masters. Omitted are the controversial ones (by my reckoning). Please note that 'living' masters are clearly not required, as the realized master is not the body. (Pls see eternal sadguru). Also see advisory at bottom.

1. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi - Still very alive in the hearts of his followers, still awakening inside people and taking them to realization. The eternal sadguru.

2. Gautama Buddha: Still enlightening thousands of aspirants through various paths including Zen which has flourished in East Asia, and is moving to the West. Where do you find Him - everywhere. Remember Him and He will be there. With a Guru there's no such thing as distance. Where is the Buddha not ?


Very good reports from all.

3. Shiva
Maybe remembered directly, or be found in Ramana Maharshi and Arunachala!

Arunachala, The Holy Hill, is located in South India at Tiruvannamalai, and is believed to be Lord Shiva (the Self) manifest as a hill. Arunachala is reputed to have enlightened many, including Ramana, and still calls aspirants.

5. Lord Krishna: The descriptions in the Bhagavad Gita of the enlightened state, and how to reach there are without doubt the utterances of an enlightened being, even though the Mahabharata may be suspected to be myth. Leave all dharmas and surrender all to Him - He will deliver you surely. Great for the devotionally inclined.

14. Ajja - featured here a while back, is still alive and available (i think in Anand Kutir Ashram, Pondicherry, South India). See comment below.

15. Check out Robert Adams and disciple Ed.



Power of Arunachala

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The cause of human suffering and conflict

The cause of human suffering and conflict

The cause of human suffering and conflict is our commitment to the illusions we call values, morals and ethics. Values, morals and ethics do not exist outside of our cultural- existential minds. They do not exist in reality and are therefore a figment of our culturally and existentially indoctrinated imagination. We believe or think values exist when in fact they do not. This describes the schizophrenic mind. The schizophrenic mind is separated from reality and centered in unreality or what psychologists call fantasy, believing this fantasy to be real.

Cultural/existential humanity exists entirely within the framework of illusionary values, morals and ethics and is therefore absolutely schizophrenic. We are either affirmatively committed to the existence of values, morals and ethics or we are not...
If we are committed to the existence of values, morals and ethics, we are schizophrenic and consequently insane. If we are not committed to values, morals and ethics, then confusion, conflict and insanity are not a part of our psychological nature. The term insane is used to describe the personal and social actions of the schizophrenic personality. There can be no conflict without the values of right or wrong being offended or defended. There can be no guilt or repression without the values of right or wrong, good or bad having been applied. There can be no psychological neurosis or psychosis without the fears associated with the loss or gain of that valued. There can be no anxiety without the anticipation or expectation concerning future uncertainties about success or failure. There can be no frustration without a desired goal being thwarted. The illusionary concepts of values, morals and ethics exist so that we may judge, separate and divide, and then pit the one side against the other. This enables the persons involved to feel either superior or inferior as the case may be. This is the underlying motivation for all cultural-existential activity. Due to the divisive and conflicting nature of duality, cultural/existential humanity can be described as being not only sociopathic (anti-social) in its attitude and response to humankind, but also psychopathic (aggressively anti-social) much of that time. Since confusion, conflict and insanity are the consequence of our commitment to values, morals and ethics, and peace exists when there is no confusion, conflict or insanity present, it can be concluded that peace is the consequence of having no values, no morals and no ethics. If values, morals and ethics are the direct cause of all human suffering and conflict and do not exist in the tao/eden/reality, and if peace and sanity are to be realized, we must refuse to take part in their use.

If you found this interesting, please see 30 minutes to enlightenment

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Guru Disciple Relationship

Guru Disciple Relationship

It is common to demand entry into Enlightenmenti through someone else. This renders it needful to make clear that NOBODY, not even the best of gurus, can bestow final and lasting realization-- a glimpse is the most he can possibly pass on and there are not many with that capacity. Even in such cases, his disciples must work diligently and win it themselves. For complete article, See

Please see this article You are myself

Also see evaluating gurus and guides

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